Dad&Kids’ Canoe Trip

Dad&Kids’ Canoe Trip

Dad & Kids’ Canoe Trip

When? July 8-9  Meeting at and leaving PCF at 5pm/ returning Saturday Evening
Where? Christian Camping Services in Bath, NY
Who? Dads’ & Kids’- Must have at least two people in a canoe capable of paddling 8-9 miles.

Cost? $15 per person
How do I sign-up? Sign-up in the Church Welcome Center on Sunday June 19th or 26th.

What will we do?
On Friday we will have supper at. 7 PM  We will have some activities for the evening.  We will do some worship and a devotional.  We will also have a campfire with smores and snacks and  a night hike on some of the trails.

Saturday we will have breakfast at the cabin and then canoe on the Seneca-Cayuga Canal, starting in Waterloo, and ending near the north end of Cayuga Lake. On the canal, we would canoe app. 8-9 miles going through 3 locks along the way.  We will have lunch at one of the locks and will have a devotional at that time.  There are 2 spots where we stop for swim breaks, if the weather is still suitable for that by then.  One of them has a rope swing.  We will reach the end spot and the Northern end of Cayuga Lake at 3:30-4 PM.  Then after packing up and changing, we will pick the vehicle up that brought the drivers back to the start, on your way home.

Where are we sleeping & staying?
The cabin sleeps 40-44.  It is a rustic 2 story log cabin.  There are 2 rooms upstairs for sleeping, one with 21 bunks and the other with 23. (The girls will stay in one of the rooms with Makayla Thorington as the chaperone). There is plenty of room available if you would like to bring a tent.

Downstairs there is a kitchen area, a meeting area, foosball, air hockey and ping pong.  There is electricity and an outhouse.  There is an outhouse hose they can use to wash hair, but there are no showers.

Outside there are woods with 3/4 mile of hiking trails, a small creek,  a campfire area, a volleyball court, and room for other activities.

What should we bring?
You should bring; sleeping bag, pillow, Bible, swim suit, change of clothes for after canoe trip, personal items, towel, flashlight, bug spray and Sunscreen.

I can’t leave at 5PM on Friday, what are the directions?
Here are directions to the cabin.  Coming from the west on 390 or 17, both of these 4 lanes merge 6 miles west of Bath and become Rt. 17 at that point.  Take the first exit after they merge, which is exit 37, at Kanona.  There is a big truck-stop there.  After you come down the exit ramp, turn left onto Rt. 53 north heading toward Prattsburg.  The driveway to the cabin is right on Rt. 53, 7 miles from where you got off the 4 lane.  You will go past Mutton Hollow Rd. which goes to the left.  The cabin is the 3rd driveway on the left after you go past Mutton Hollow Rd.  There will be a house, then a mobile home, and then my drive, going up an incline, real quick after the mobile home.  The woods come all the way to the road on both sides of the drive, so it will sneak up on you coming from this direction.  If you miss my drive, and go another half mile or so, you will come to Stickney Rd. on your left.  If you choose to navigate by GPS instead of the written directions use this address  for the cabin
9547 Rt. 53, Wheeler Township.
This will not be exact, but once you get in the immediate area you can finish by following the written directions above.

Who do I contact for more information?
Mac Thorington: 585.307.0430