Sermons by Pastor Josh Wypij

Forever Home | 4.24.22 | Pastor Josh Wypij

Do you live with your forever home in mind? The writer of Hebrews describes the heroes of our faith as “People who lived their lives like they were a part of another realm”. What if we lived our lives in this way? What would change?

The Awe & Wonder of Christmas – Week 1 – 11.28.21 – Pastor Josh Wypij

It’s the most wonderful time of year! The Christmas Tree is getting set up, the lights are being hung but where’s the awe & wonder we had when we were children? This week, Pastor Josh introduces a new Christmas sermon series all about the Awe & Wonder. He takes a look at the shepherds and the awe & wonder that they had and illustrates three practical ways where we can find the awe & wonder of Christmas!