Missions Awareness Team

Missions Awareness Team

MAT Members:

  • Tom Brittain & Eileen Brittain
  • Nancy Sacher,
  • Tony and Gail Sweirkowski
  • Sharon Ameis
  • Ashley Ameis
  • Amy Hackett
  • Hannah Mogavero
  • Eric & Christina Herman
  • Rudy & Sharon Snow
  • Elizabeth Dusterhus
  • Travis Dusterhus
  • Ray Larivey
  • Jodi Hokenson, team leader and member of Elim Fellowship’s International Ministries.

Representing all of Pioneer Christian Fellowship. (If you attend PCF, you are connected to missions.)

Supporting 13 local, national, and international workers representing 8 sending agencies.

Aiming for the Great Commission and the Greatest Commandment.

Doing Care/Aware/Prayer.
Team members have ministered at the following locations: Haiti, Kenya, Tanzania, India, Peru, El Salvador, Columbia, Honduras, Lima, NY; Biloxi, MS; Buffalo, NY; NYC; NJ and beyond!