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Faith That Hangs By A Rope | Pastor Jeff Hokenson

Join us for ‘Faith That Hangs By A Rope’ – a transformative journey inspired by Rahab’s incredible faith in an unshakable kingdom. Discover a well-founded, active, and unshaken faith. Experience how God’s promises endure, even in the face of life’s walls. Let’s explore ‘Faith That Hangs By A Rope’ together. Don’t miss this empowering message – your faith, unshaken!

Unshakeable Kingdom | Pastor Jeff Hokenson

Discover resilience, gratitude, and worship amid life’s challenges. This transformative sermon from Hebrews 12 unveils the unshakable kingdom God offers. Embrace disruptions as divine opportunities, and find assurance in God’s final word. Come thrive in the Unshakable Kingdom!

RESET | Pastor Joshua Wypij

In need of a reset in your life? Join us for an encouraging message as we explore the redemption offered through the loving power of God. Discover the transformative journey towards renewal and embrace the hope that comes with His boundless love. The game isn’t over!