What To Expect

What To Expect

Going to a new church can be an uncomfortable experience.  So here is a quick overview of what you can expect when you’re a guest at PCF, we hope it makes you feel more comfortable.

Going to a new church can be an uncomfortable experience. So here is a quick overview of what you can expect when you’re a guest at PCF, we hope it makes you feel more comfortable.

First of all, we have guest parking in the front center lot. We want our guests to have the best parking spot available!

Sunday Morning Classes

The service starts at 10AM, but there are classes for kids and adults at 9AM, so a lot of people come then too.

If you come in the front door for the 10AM service, you will find a lively, friendly atmosphere with people talking and music playing in the background. You will be greeted and given a bulletin containing upcoming events & more information about our church. Also be sure to stop by our Welcome Desk for a free gift!

Next, you can find a seat and read your bulletin until 10AM when the band starts the opening song. Everyone will stand and sing along. After the song, the worship leader will welcome everyone.
Following the welcome, the worship band will lead us in four more songs that are Christ-centered and relevant. The words are displayed on the screens and everyone is encouraged to sing along. Some people will clap their hands, raise their hands to God, or offer other biblical expressions of praise. Children are encouraged to participate as well.

Following worship, a pastor or someone on our Leadership Team will lead us in prayer, offering & announcements. (As a guest with us, we do not want you to feel obligated to give, let the service be our gift to you.)

Associate/Worship Pastor: Scott Laird

A small clipboard (CareCard) is passed down each aisle during the announcements. If you like, you can write in your name and contact information and we’ll send you a postcard during the week.

When the announcements are done, there’s a 3 minute break to greet one another and for the children to be dismissed to their kids’ programs.

If you have kids, we want you to feel safe leaving them in our care during the second half of the service, knowing that all of our volunteers are carefully screened through background checks and are trained to provide excellent care for your little ones.

Lead Pastor: Jeff Hokenson

Kids ages 0-5 must be checked in where you will be given a number that you will need when you pick them up at the end of the service. We also use this number to page you if your child needs you during the service.

Kids ages 6-12 year are simply dropped off in the Gathering Room (under the Welcome Center).

If you need to change your baby, there is a changing station downstairs in the Family Restroom of the PCF Kids’ wing. If you need to nurse your baby you can relax in the privacy of the church library, just down the hall from our kids’ rooms.

After your kids are situated, the sermon is next. We offer biblical preaching with real life application. Sermon points are displayed on the screens and a page to take your own notes is included in the bulletin. The sermons are also available on our website & itunes.

Our service ends about 11:30 with a closing prayer. Following the service, there is always an opportunity given for people to come forward for personal prayer. We also offer free coffee & a tasty snack in our Fellowship Cafe’, so feel freeto stay awhile.

Associate Pastor: Josh Wypij

Now that you know what to expect, we hope you will feel at ease about being our guest sometime!





We will only be providing an online service during the COVID-19 crisis.Please visit youtube.com/pcfmedia for our 10AM service