Body Parts

Body Parts | Digestive System | 10.15.23

In this message we explored the Digestive System’s role and compared it to our spiritual hunger for God. We realized that internalizing God’s Word deeply is crucial. By meditating on Scripture, we infuse His truth into our lives, leading to a fruitful spiritual journey. We committed to strengthening our faith through a deeper understanding of His Word individually and as a church community.

Body Parts | Circulatory System | 10.8.23

In this message, we explored the Circulatory System, which is like the life force of our body. Similarly, Love is the life force of the body of Christ. Just as blood fights disease and keeps us healthy, love does the same for the church. Let’s pray for more ‘love blood’ in our lives.”

Body Parts | Respiratory System | 10.1.23

In this message Pastor Jeff explores the Respiratory System – how important it is to breathe to stay alive. Just like that, having the Holy Spirit in our lives is crucial for our spiritual well-being and for keeping the body of CHRIST strong and healthy.”

Body Parts | Skeletal System | 9.24.23

In this message Pastor Jeff delved into the skeletal system, highlighting the need for a solid spiritual foundation that keeps us steady. Just as our physical body relies on structure, the body of Christ also thrives on a strong framework.”