Sermons on Love

Body Parts | Circulatory System | 10.8.23

In this message, we explored the Circulatory System, which is like the life force of our body. Similarly, Love is the life force of the body of Christ. Just as blood fights disease and keeps us healthy, love does the same for the church. Let’s pray for more ‘love blood’ in our lives.”

Safe & Sound – The Lord is my Shepherd

This week, Pastor Jeff kicks off our new summer message series entitled “Safe & Sound”. We will be going through Psalm 23 each week and looking at it from the eyes of a shepherd. Sit back and enjoy this weeks topic, The LORD is my Shepherd!

Undivided Relationships

Do you feel like your relationships are broken with your spouse, children, parents, boss, employees or friends? God’s desire is for all relationships to be undivided. His desire is to see His glory replicated in our personal relationships. In this second week of  our series, Pastor Josh explains to us the secret to undivided relationships.