Sermons from 2023

RESET | Pastor Joshua Wypij

In need of a reset in your life? Join us for an encouraging message as we explore the redemption offered through the loving power of God. Discover the transformative journey towards renewal and embrace the hope that comes with His boundless love. The game isn’t over!

Restoring Honor in a Cancel Culture

In this message Pastor Jeff dives into the issues of offense and dishonor using relatable examples from everyday life. He explores how these dynamics affect relationships and even impact our connection with God. Pastor Jeff encourages a God-centered approach, offering practical insights on overcoming offense. If you’re curious about fostering a culture of honor in the midst of a cancel culture world, this talk is worth a listen!

Body Parts | Digestive System | 10.15.23

In this message we explored the Digestive System’s role and compared it to our spiritual hunger for God. We realized that internalizing God’s Word deeply is crucial. By meditating on Scripture, we infuse His truth into our lives, leading to a fruitful spiritual journey. We committed to strengthening our faith through a deeper understanding of His Word individually and as a church community.