Sermons by Pastor Josh Wypij

Good News! – Pastor Josh Wypij – 7.24.22

It seems like we’re flooded with bad news every single day. On the television, radio and social media we only hear about the bad news. Well, in this message Pastor Josh goes over the Good News of this years VBS, All Aboard! The Good News isn’t just for children, we’re all in need of the Good News!

The Declaration of Dependence – 7.3.22 – Pastor Josh Wypij

The Declaration of Independence is one of the most important documents in human history. We value independence here in the United States of America and that’s a good thing! However, the attitude of independence doesn’t work with our relationship with God. Listen to this message from Pastor Josh about the importance of dependence on God.

Forever Home | 4.24.22 | Pastor Josh Wypij

Do you live with your forever home in mind? The writer of Hebrews describes the heroes of our faith as “People who lived their lives like they were a part of another realm”. What if we lived our lives in this way? What would change?