Stand Alone Messages

Come and Let Us Go Up to The Mountain of The Lord – Pastor Jeff Hokenson

Come and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord The mountains of the Lord Mt . Ararat – Genesis 6-9 Mt. Moriah – Genesis 22 Mt. Horeb – Exodus 3 Mt. Sinai – Exodus 19 Mt. Carmel – 1 Kings 18 Mt. Ebal – Joshua 8 Mt. Beatitudes – Matthew 5-7 Mt. Hermon – Matthew 17 Mt. of Olives – Luke 22 Mt. Calvary – John 19 Mt. Zion – The Bible Isaiah 2:2-3

Peter Midodo

Listen to this excellent message from Pastor Peter Midodo of Joy Baby in Kenya, Africa.

This Is Only A Test

Sometimes drama, family issues, job troubles and financial problems are just a test. This week Pastor Josh brings a message about Abraham, his test and how it relates to our lives.


There have been countless studies done that prove that we love NEW things. It’s engrained in us to enjoy and seek after new things and God knows that. In this sermon, Pastor Jeff explains to us the importance of renewing our relationship with God on a regular basis.